July Book Haul

Lets just say the book buying ban didn’t last. July was my birthday month so I bought myself a lot of books also gifted a couple. Many of these are thrillers as I have discovered I really enjoy this genre.

The books I was gifted by my best friend was Lie With Me by Sabine Durrant and The Beautiful Dead by Belinda Bauer. Lie With Me doesn’t give too much away, Paul tells lies to get to his plan for a better future for himself no matter how big or small. On a family holiday there is lots of tension and emotions he realizes that it isn’t the truth that hurts it’s the lies. Lie With Me Goodreads Link. The Beautiful Dead by Belinda Bauer is the second book, this book sound incredible it is about a TV crime reporter who will do anything for a story, a serial killer uses her to get the publicity he is desperate for. With what I can gather its all about if Eve with let him kill her. The Beautiful Dead Goodreads Link.


Then all the rest of the books I’m about to show you I bought myself the first one being Love & Gelato by Jenna Evans Welch I decided to buy this one as I don’t have many contemporary’s on my tbr shelf so I thought this one sounded good. Her mother’s dying wish was for Lina to know her father so she travels to Tuscany. With her mother’s journal she discovers many things but Lina finds much more. Goodreads Link.


I haven’t actually read any of Stephanie Meyer books so when I saw this I decided to give it ago. The Chemist by Stephanie Meyer sounds exactly right for me as it sounds like a thriller with a bit of romance I have high hopes for this one. She was working for the US government she was a secret. Then out of no where the people she worked for are after her, running for her life she doesn’t stay in one spot or use the same name for too long. Her former handler has offered her a way out, preparing for her last job to clear her name she finds herself falling for the man she was meant to trap. Goodreads Link.


I also bought Falling by Jane Green his sounds like the perfect summer read. Emma left her home in England and moved to New York City finding success in finance. Emma has a passion for interior design so when she answers an online ad to a beach cottage. Her new landlord is a fixer-upper who has a son he is totally different to the men Emma usually falls for but she is anyway. Goodreads Link.


After seeing this one everywhere recently I got One Of Us Is Lying by Karen M. McManus this a thriller also with a romance, this book sounds really intriguing. Five people walk into detention but only four people leave alive. Bronwyn never breaks rules, Cooper who is a baseball star, Nate who is a bad boy and Addy who is the prom queen but her life isn’t perfect. Simon is dead he was going to post their deepest secrets on his gossip app. All four of them are suspects. Goodreads Link.


The Diabolic by S.J. Kincaid is a book I’ve been meaning to pick up for ages now not only is the cover beautiful but it sounds really interesting. A Diabolical has one task which is to kill and to protect the person they have been created for. Nemesis was created to protect galactic Senator’s daughter Sidonia, when the power-mad Emperor summons Sidonia as a hostage the only way Nemesis can protect her is to become her she must pretend to be human. Goodreads Link.


In July I read Child 44 by Tom Rob Smith and i absolutely loved it so i decided to get the second and third book in the Leo Demidov series. The second book is The Secret Speech, the third book is Agent 6. I won’t go into much detail as i don’t want to give anything away. The Secret Speech Goodreads Link. Agent 6 Goodreads Link.


Lord of Shadows by Cassandra Clare is huge! this is the second book in The Dark Artifices series. If you haven’t read the first book then don’t carry on reading as I don’t want to give anything away for you. Emma and Julian are parabatai a vow that binds them together sworn by many things including never to fall in love. The love they share is forbidden for a good reason it could destroy them both. The Black Volume is there only hope only the Blackthorns can find it. Nobody can be trusted. Tensions are rising. This sounds like I am actually going to enjoy this book I’m excited to get around to it. Goodreads Link.


I bought The Good Daughter by Karin Slaughter this is a standalone. At gunpoint two girls are forced into the woods one is left behind the other one runs. Charlotte and Samantha Quinn’s small time family life was wrecked after the attack on their family. Twenty-eight years later charlie has become a lawyer. There is another attack in Pikeville again Charlie is the first to witness the scene. Memories come back ones she was trying desperately to forget. Goodreads Link.


We are finally at the end lastly I bought Two Nights by Kathy Reichs. Sunnie is running from her past. A  bomb has exploded a family needs Sunnie’s help to find a girl. The question is, is she dead? or did someone take her? Sunnie must face up to her past as it could solve what happened all those years ago. Goodreads Link.

And we are done finally I think July was the biggest book buying month ever. If you are still with me thank you for reading and feel free to leave a comment down below.



June Book Haul


I am not buying any more books for a long time as I have bought way too many in these past two months, I am running out of space to fit them in my room. I am not going shopping with my parents either as i always go down the book aisle and i just can’t help myself however Tesco is upping their game recently with the books. Anyway these are all the books i accumulated in June.


Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine by Gail Honeyman is the first book I bought. This hard back is just beautiful with the cover but when you take off the sleeve it is bright orange which made me want to buy it, however after reading the synopsis is went straight in my basket. It is about Eleanor Oliphant whose life is the same with the same meal deal to wearing the same clothes. However Eleanor does something kind that will change her life around. I am hoping this book will be a good read as I do have high hopes for it. Goodreads link.


Truly Madly Guilty by Liane Moriary is a book I also bought. It sounds like a mystery with a murder happening at a barbecue and then everything just goes down hill from there. I don’t know much about this book but I have been reading some reviews on Goodreads and it is all praise for being an amazing read. I think this is going to be the perfect summer read. Goodreads link.


I See You by Clare Mackintosh is a thriller I have been seeing around the shops for a while now. The blurb doesn’t give much away but it has intrigued me even more. Goodreads link.


I couldn’t believe this book was in Tesco I can now finish this series. Library of Souls by Ransom Riggs is the third book in the Miss Peregrines Peculiar Children series which i started the last month. I won’t go into detail with this one as I don’t want to give anything away, all i am going to say is that this series is surprising me with each book so i have high hopes for Library of Souls. Goodreads link.


The Sun Is Also A Star by Nicola Yoon is a book I’ve been after ever since it came out but for some reason never picked it up when I went book shopping. Natasha family is about to be deported back to Jamaica this is not the time to fall in love. This is where Daniel comes in he is good at everything at school, being a good son but when he sees Natasha everything changes. This book could be really cliché but maybe it’ll surprise me. Goodreads link.


Two By Two will be my fourth Nicholas Sparks book I own, I didn’t even read the blurb of this book before i popped it in my basket. This is a story about Russell Green who is being a single parent to his daughter. I am thinking this book is going to be the ups and downs of life and maybe Russell meeting someone…maybe. Goodreads link. IMG_0647.JPG

Small Great Things by Jodi Picoult is the last book I bought in June. This book is about prejudice and power, a newborn baby dies in hospital. The nurse, her lawyer and the father of the child won’t know how much this child will change them. This book is one that I am going to take slowly and just really enjoy it. Goodreads link.

Thank you for reading, feel free to leave a comment down below.

May Book Haul


I didn’t even know I bought this many books in May I don’t even know what happened. So i thought i would show you what i did buy some of these i have been after for a while and some of them i am just really intrigued about.


As I want to read more classics this year I decided to buy To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee i think everybody has read this book. Now i don’t know what this book is really about but i think going in blind would be a good thing. Goodreads link.


Great Expectations by Charles Dickens is the second classic I bought my friend has read this and he says it’s an amazing read. I am really looking forward to reading this one as looking through goodreads everybody is saying just how great this book is. Goodreads link.


Lyrebird by Cececlia Ahern was a complete cover buy if I’m honest with you it’s just beautiful. I have read Love, Rosie by her which I really enjoyed so i am hoping i will enjoy this one also. This book is about Laura Button’s hidden life in West Cork and how Solomon finds her there. Laura has a talent with sound wanting a new life Solomon is scared that she is going to get caged up. I am hoping for a really good romance with this one. Goodreads link.


See How They Lie by Sue Wallman is a thriller which I have already read. It is about Mae who lives in the middle of no where at Hummingbird Creek. It’s meant to be a place where teenagers can go to get better but Mae soon discovers that it isn’t all what it seems to be. After answering the phone to someone from her mum past she is now questioning everything. This book was a really quick read for me the plot was interesting but the ending was what saved it for me as I thought the middle to be slow. Goodreads link.


Another cover buy for me is This Must Be The Place by Maggie O’farrell. It is about a women called Claudette Wells who was a film star now she lives in Ireland. Her husband Daniel has something on his mind about a women from his past twenty years ago. I think this book is about a couple whose marriage will go through many tests. Goodreads link.


The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas is a book that is being hyped up over on Instagram a lot at the minute. This is about a girl called Starr who witnesses her best friend murder, she must decide whether to tell anybody or not as it could destroy everything. This book sounds incredible it is defiantly going to be high on my list to read. Goodreads link.


Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare is a book I always see at Tesco but never picked it up. As i was finishing City of Heavenly Fire i wanted to give other books by Cassandra a go as i have heard nothing but amazing things for her other series. This book follows Emma and Julian who have two weeks to solve the murders of humans and Fairies just like how Emma’s parents were killed. This book does intrigue me also the cover is just insanely beautiful. Goodreads link.

There you have it those were all the books I bought in May.

Thank you for reading, feel free to leave a comment down below.



Book Unhaul.


Hello everybody today I have a unhaul for you if you don’t know what this means it’s basically the books that I am donating to charity. I have had a major clear out so all of these books are either ones that I have read and didn’t enjoy, books that have been on my to be read shelf for a long time and books from a series that i didn’t enjoy and don’t want to carry on.

The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey

Where She Went by Gayle Forman

Starcossed by Josephine Angelini

The Maze Runner by James Dashner

The Scorch Trails by James Dashner

The Storm by Virginia Bergin

The Novice by Taran Matharu

The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien

Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins

Shopaholic to the Rescue by Sophie Kinsella

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

Assassin’s Creed Underworld by Oliver Bowden

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by J.K. Rowling

Travelling to Infinity by Jane Hawking

Gone by Michael Grant

What Kills Me by Wynne Channing

We Were Liars by E.Lockhart

Who is Tom Ditto by Danny Wallace

So there you have it those are all the books that I am getting rid of.

Thank you for reading, feel free to leave a comment down below.

What books have your recently unhauled?

 Are any of these books your favorite?

February Book Haul


Haul time! overall last month has been a good one with the books I have bought, I have only bought five but i have had my eye on these for a while now.


The first book being Falling Kingdoms by Morgan Rhodes is the first book in the series. I have been meaning to pick this book up for a while now as I am writing this it is my current read and it is not what I was expecting at all. Before reading this book i didn’t really know much about it only what it says at the back which isn’t much.


Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo is the second book in the Six of Crows duology. I am so excited to read this book next month I can’t believe it has taken me this long to finally have it, I am just really eager to see what happens to the gang.


Wolf By Wolf by Ryan Graudin I found this book when I was looking for some books from a genre i don’t usually read from, this one is a war and historical genre. This sounds really interesting I’m hoping i will enjoy it.


Paris For One by Jojo Moyes in total there are 10 separate story’s in one. I am picking up every book from Jojo as I have loved every single book I have read from her, looking forward for getting to this.


Caraval by Stephanie Garber this book has just come out so I was surprised to find it. The cover is gorgeous, this book is about two sisters who finally get tickets for the caraval which only arrives for a week once a year but they did not think it would go like this. One sister is taken by the organizer it is a race against time for the second sister to rescue her.

Thank you for reading, feel free to leave a comment down below.

What are you hoping to read this month?