Setting up a weekly spread


I really look forward for setting up a weekly spread I always do it at night while listening to music its one of the ways I relax. So in this post you’ll see the process i go through when i do set up a weekly spread. Continue reading “Setting up a weekly spread”


Bullet Journal For A Blogger


In my bullet journal I have noticed i have got a few pages that help me out with my blog. I use a separate notebook to plan all the posts but i keep all my scheduling for my posts in my bullet journal.


This is the first spread I used this when i first started my blog i really liked this idea i have made tick boxes for when i take a photo, planned it and then posted it on Instagram. For February my plan is to use this again.


You have all probably seen this spread before as I carry around this notebook most of the time, i have a page where i can quickly write down my idea. When an idea used to come to me i would have just wrote it down on a piece of scrap paper but using this page everything is in one place.


This is a recently added page one of my new year resolutions is to focus on my blog more so I made this page for when i am looking through my blog i can write down the things i want to change.


I gave the monthly calendar spread a go so when I finish a blog post i can write it down on here i can quickly see what is happening and i can also write down other events that is happening in the month.


This month I decided i would keep the calendar spread but instead keep it on one page but i actually don’t like it. For me it is hard for me to just quickly look and see what i have got going on that day, so my plan is for next month is to just keep the double spread like January.


Lastly I have this page which is just like the first spread that i used to use i thought i  would get more use out of this style if i put it with the month instead of going right to the beginning of my bullet journal.

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Bookish Bullet Journal


Hello today I am going to go through my bookish bullet journal how ever i am not sure this counts as a bullet journal but it is what I’m calling it. I am keeping track of all the books i read this year on Goodreads but i do like to write everything down on paper.


On the first page I write down that name of the book and how many stars i gave it so i can quickly see what books i have read in the month.


You could say this is my yearly tbr so I have already have all the books i want to read wrote down then i color in the book i have read. I have seen this all over Pinterest and thought it was a more fun way to track down the books i have read.


Then I have all my goals down i want to complete by the end of the year i already have a post going through each one you can check it out here .


I have a reading statics page I saw something similar on Instagram or Pinterest and i thought it was a really good idea.


Finally I have this challenge from Popsugar which i thought would be a good thing if i am struggling with what to read next.

There you have it this is how I am keeping track of my reading this year.

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Bullet Journal October Set Up


I have finally started my bullet journal which I am super excited about, i thought i would show you the pages and what i use. I have got all my inspiration from Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube. My hope with starting a bullet journal is that i can keep track on what is going on in my life, so far it is working. Continue reading “Bullet Journal October Set Up”