About Me


Welcome to my blog! I’m Allie an 18-year-old blogger from Yorkshire.

On my blog you’ll find petty much anything mainly it will be book related posts like reviews, hauls, wrap ups and recommendations. Also my Filofax is a new love of mine so there will be many posts to do with that.

I haven’t always been into reading books one day I stumbled on a booktube video over on YouTube, slowly i discovered other people’s books and ever since i started my own i think to my self “what did i do in my spare time”

Thank you for reading hopefully you will enjoy reading some of my other posts.

Where you can find me

Goodreads- PagesOfAddiction

Instagram- pagesofaddiciton

Email- pagesofaddiction@outlook.com

Star Rating-

5 Stars- Everybody should read this book.

4 Stars- Really enjoyed this book.

3 Stars- Meh it was okay.

2 Stars- Why did I even read this.

1 Stars- Wouldn’t recommend.