My Filofax Set Up

I have bought my self an A5 Domino patent Filofax as I have fallen in love with watching people on YouTube setting their own Filofax up. The way i have organized mine is sort of like a bullet journal with how my inserts are set out.



On Instagram I found a productivity plant page and i really liked the idea of it but i guess we’ll have to see if i do actually use it.



I am actually going to give trackers a go and a mood tracker as it would be good to see the last time I drank a glass or water or when i had a good day.


I’ve made my self a blog calendar where everything blog related will be wrote down.


This calendar set I got from Amazon is perfect for me they aren’t too small for me to write in either as i was worried about that. Amazon link


I see this page loads over on Pinterest and that’s the month review where I basically go through the month to see what worked, what didn’t.




I’m making my own inserts for now as I enjoyed doing them, they are really easy to do and you can do them any way you want.







Then I have a collection area where i have a TV/movie tracker, a favorite make up page and a book shelf where I’ll color in when i have time.


That is everything in my Filofax it is empty compared to others but over time I’ll be buying more stuff to put in it but i love how everything is working out.

Thank you for reading, feel free to leave a comment down below.

Do you have a Filofax?


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