Summer Reads


Hello everybody today I have 5 books I want to read this summer or books that I want to read before I start college again. These books are ones that I’m eager to read there are a mixture of romance and a couple of thrillers in this pile.


The first book being Two By Two by Nicholas Sparks I really want to read all of his books I’ve only read three but the three of them were incredible. Two by Two is about Russell Green his life is perfect he has everything a family, a good job and an amazing home but cracks are showing. The life he took for granted for is turned upside down. Looking after his daughter by himself all he knows is that he must protect his daughter. In his new chapter he will have an encounter that could make him the happiest he has ever been. Goodreads Link.


Then I want to read The Sun Is Also A Star by Nicola Yoon I have been meaning to read this one ever since it was released. Natasha family is twelve hours away from being deported, she is a science and facts girl not fate or destiny. Daniel is the good son, a good student not a dreamer. When they first meet they forget everything they ever thought. I have really high hopes for this book. Goodreads Link.


Falling by Jane Green sounds like the perfect summer read for me. Moving from England to New York City she has found success in finance. Answering to an online ad about a beach house she thought it was perfect for her interior design side of her. Her new landlord Dominic is a local handy man with a six-year old son. He isn’t the usual person Emma would fall for but she is anyway. Goodreads Link.


Another summer read is Truly Madly Guilty by Liane Moriarty. I don’t know much about this book but I think it’s one of them that you go in blind to really enjoy it, on Goodreads it looks like people either love this book or didn’t enjoy it at all but I’m hoping I’ll be one of those that will enjoy it. It all surrounds a barbecue which goes really wrong someone innocent is dead, a friendship is destroyed and a marriage is going through a rough patch. Goodreads Link.


I’m really hoping to get around this one as it sounds like something I’ll really enjoy it’s a thriller with romance which are two things I love! The Chemist by Stephenie Meyer is all about a women who used to work for the government then one day they go after her. On the run she is offered one last job that will change her life being no longer on the run the only problem she is falling for the man she was sent to get. Goodreads Link.

They are all the books I really want to read in summer. Thank you for reading, feel free to leave a comment down below.

What books are you hoping to read this summer?

Or what books are you hoping to read soon?



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