Life Update

I’ve left college I am sorry happy to finally say that, no more Health and Social care forever.

Now I have been really thinking about my future just like all my other friends have been doing and I’ve decided to go back to college. If you have read my 50 facts about me post then you would know that I really wanted to do nursing at uni, but plans change.

I am terrible with math it is just one of those things where I just struggle. I did terrible in my GCSE’s so I had to retake them again in year 12 then in year 13 hopefully I would have passed this year.

To be a nurse you need at least a C in math which I know deep down I won’t pass so I am not going to be wasting my time where i could be doing something else.

So in September I will be going to a brand new college doing A Level English which I am terrified for as I am not going to know anybody. I am looking forward for it though to meet new people and doing something i know i will enjoy. I won’t be completely alone as i have another friend going to the same college but doing a completely different course but i am happy I’ll have someone on the bus.

As uni is one of the things I really want to do I have already been looking at a few online and I am going to work towards doing a bachelor’s. I have been doing a little research on jobs in the publishing industry and i am really liking the idea of being an editorial assistant. As i love reading so it makes sense now i have thought about it to do something with that.

Other then trying to find a job and sorting out my provisional license so I can learn to drive that is all I have to update you guys on.

Thank you for reading, feel free to leave a comment down below.



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