May Book Haul


I didn’t even know I bought this many books in May I don’t even know what happened. So i thought i would show you what i did buy some of these i have been after for a while and some of them i am just really intrigued about.


As I want to read more classics this year I decided to buy To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee i think everybody has read this book. Now i don’t know what this book is really about but i think going in blind would be a good thing. Goodreads link.


Great Expectations by Charles Dickens is the second classic I bought my friend has read this and he says it’s an amazing read. I am really looking forward to reading this one as looking through goodreads everybody is saying just how great this book is. Goodreads link.


Lyrebird by Cececlia Ahern was a complete cover buy if I’m honest with you it’s just beautiful. I have read Love, Rosie by her which I really enjoyed so i am hoping i will enjoy this one also. This book is about Laura Button’s hidden life in West Cork and how Solomon finds her there. Laura has a talent with sound wanting a new life Solomon is scared that she is going to get caged up. I am hoping for a really good romance with this one. Goodreads link.


See How They Lie by Sue Wallman is a thriller which I have already read. It is about Mae who lives in the middle of no where at Hummingbird Creek. It’s meant to be a place where teenagers can go to get better but Mae soon discovers that it isn’t all what it seems to be. After answering the phone to someone from her mum past she is now questioning everything. This book was a really quick read for me the plot was interesting but the ending was what saved it for me as I thought the middle to be slow. Goodreads link.


Another cover buy for me is This Must Be The Place by Maggie O’farrell. It is about a women called Claudette Wells who was a film star now she lives in Ireland. Her husband Daniel has something on his mind about a women from his past twenty years ago. I think this book is about a couple whose marriage will go through many tests. Goodreads link.


The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas is a book that is being hyped up over on Instagram a lot at the minute. This is about a girl called Starr who witnesses her best friend murder, she must decide whether to tell anybody or not as it could destroy everything. This book sounds incredible it is defiantly going to be high on my list to read. Goodreads link.


Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare is a book I always see at Tesco but never picked it up. As i was finishing City of Heavenly Fire i wanted to give other books by Cassandra a go as i have heard nothing but amazing things for her other series. This book follows Emma and Julian who have two weeks to solve the murders of humans and Fairies just like how Emma’s parents were killed. This book does intrigue me also the cover is just insanely beautiful. Goodreads link.

There you have it those were all the books I bought in May.

Thank you for reading, feel free to leave a comment down below.




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