Review: Billy and Me by Giovanna Fletcher



Genre- Romance

Release Date- 5th April 2016

Published By- Thomas Dunne Books

Source from Goodreads

In this utterly sweet and moving women’s fiction novel, a celebrity comes to town and sweeps a young woman – who is used to being overlooked – off her feet.

Sophie May is content with her life in her small English village, working in the local coffee shop and living with her mom. But when famous actor Billy comes to town to play Mr. Darcy in a new film adaptation of Pride and Prejudice, Sophie’s quiet life is quickly turned on its head. Billy is adored by women around the world, but he only wants Sophie on his arm. But being with Billy comes at a price, and Sophie is thrown in the spotlight after years of shying away from attention. Can she handle the constant scrutiny that comes with being with Billy?

Brimming with humor, wit, and genuine warmth, Billy and Me is a book about taking a chance on life and on love.

My Review 3.5 stars almost 4

Sophie May has kept a secret that no one knows about. This secret means she lives with her mum and works at the local tea shop in her village. Then walks in Billy who turns Sophie’s life around.

This book for me was an enjoyable read overall it only took me a couple of days to read as I was in a mood for a romance.

Sophie has a big secret one that she has kept of course the people in her village knows about it but no one from the outside. I did like Sophie with the stuff she had to deal with as a child she is thankful for Molly who gave her a job and brought her out of a bubble she was in.

When Billy walks into the cafe Sophie doesn’t realize he is an actor. There first meeting didn’t end well with Sophie having a panic attack but Billy still comes back. He would come in early to read his script then they would spend the time he has off set together. It wasn’t your typical love at first sight they did take the time to get to know each other.

When the filming is finished Sophie is worried what is going to happen to them is Billy going to go back to LA, could they deal with a long distance relationship. There was no need for her to be worrying however as Billy announces that he has got a job in London and at the same time invites Sophie to move in with him.

Moving in together is where the cracks started to show in their relationship. Sophie is chucked in the spotlight going to parties, meeting new people but things do get to her which slowly build up in time. Billy would stay out late coming home in the early hours in the morning.

In a new play Billy is working on their scenes that make Sophie uncomfortable but Billy doesn’t see it this is the final straw for her.

The ending did make me cry it wasn’t even because of the two of them I just wasn’t expecting it. This book goes through everything and I mean everything so i don’t think you can help loving this book. I will defiantly be picking up the second book in the sequel soon.

Thank you for reading this ramble of a review feel free to leave a comment down below.


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