Tv Shows I Am Currently Watching


There is nothing more I love then watching a TV show I have so many that i am watching right now that i thought i would tell you what are my favorite.

Starting off with Grey’s Anatomy I love this show I remember binge watching it in a couple of months.

Riverdale this show is everything right now and I totally get it. This show follows a group of teenagers and a murder however who killed him is the question. Also it has been given a second season (dances around) I just hope they don’t drag the story line on and we don’t find out who the killer is until the second season.

Peaky Blinders is a show I have always heard of but never actually sat down to watch it. I am currently on season 2 which I am enjoying every single moment of it.

The Magicians this is one of those shows where I’ll watch a couple of episodes then get distracted with something else but I’ll still come back to. I am still on season 1 I really need to just binge watch this season as there is only about 16 episodes, then i can watch season 2 the trailer looks amazing.

Ghost Adventures I am a sucker for this show I can happily watch it all day. And it’s coming back on this week when i am writing this up so i can get back into my Sunday routine.

Blindspot my friend actually got me into this after she was constantly talking about it so I caved in. This is all about a women who mind was erased her body is covered in tattoos that actually link to crimes this is where she joins the FBI, this show gets better and better by learning what happened to her.

Also a tv show that I can’t wait to come back on is Game of Thrones July 16th can’t come quick enough.

So that is it thank you for reading.

What TV shows are you currently watching?

What is you favorite TV show that you can watch over again?



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