Review: Paris for One and other stories by Jojo Moyes


Pages- 336

Genre- Short stories, romance

Release Date- October 18th 2016

Published By- Pamela Dorman Books

Source from Goodreads

From the #1 “New York Times” bestselling author of “Me Before You” and “After You,” a sensational collection featuring the title novella and eight other stories. Quintessential Jojo Moyes, “Paris for One and Other Stories” is an irresistibly romantic collection filled with humor and heart.
Nell is twenty-six and has never been to Paris. She’s never even been on a romantic weekend away to anywhere before. Everyone knows travelling abroad isn’t really her thing. But when Nell’s boyfriend fails to show up for their romantic mini-vacation, she has the opportunity to prove everyone including herself wrong. Alone and in Paris, Nell uncovers a version of herself she never knew existed: independent and intrepid. Could this turn out to be the most adventurous weekend of her life? Funny, charming, and irresistible, “Paris for One”is vintage Moyes as are the other stories that round out the collection.

My Review 4 stars

If you are looking for a short book to read then this is the one for you it only took me two days to read. Each of these stories are about women who feel neglected by their husbands, women who aren’t happy in their marriage or the smallest thing can change people and their relationship is better. We have got 10 short stories and starting off is Paris for One.

Paris for One

Nell has planned the perfect weekend away in Paris with her boyfriend Pete. Waiting at the train station Pete still hasn’t turned up with only a text telling her he isn’t going to make it. Nell is in Paris she doesn’t know anyone and she doesn’t speak the language. In the weekend Nell finds a new her including a new man.

I really enjoyed this story I thought it was good to see Nell doing things she wouldn’t do, buying a dress that is to expensive to her, or dancing on bars, meeting new people and making friends it sounds like a lot for just one weekend, the ending was just what i wanted.

Between the Tweets

This one I wasn’t to sure about.

A women on Twitter is saying stuff about Declan at first he denys everything but the truth will come out.

Love in the Afternoon

Doug has surprised Sara for a night away without the kids, but Sara can’t shut off thinking about everything. Doug feels like he can’t do anything right at the moment, eventually Sara sees how hard he is working  and they work things out.

A Bird in the Hand

Simon and Beth are at a party which Sara really isn’t in the mood for in the first place. Then she bumps into an old flame Ben.

I thought this one was actually sad to read, it took one simple mistake for them not to end up together.

Crocodile Shoes

Sam hates the gym, a mix up happens with her bags she ends up with a bag which have very expensive high heels in. The heels really aren’t for Sam at all but she can’t go to very important meeting in her trainers, reluctantly she puts the shoes on and everything changes people look and treat her differently including her husband.


This one was defiantly different.

A jewelry shop is being robbed and Alice doesn’t seem bothered at all in fact she starts talking to her robber which turns into a conversation.

Honeymoon in Paris

I loved this one two stories blended into one.

A couple is on their honeymoon in Paris but the husband is working, going off to meetings and leaving her all the time. Liv worries that maybe marrying David wasn’t the right thing, when Liv is alone she goes to an art gallery when she stumbles along a picture of a women looking unhappy and Liv suddenly thinks that she doesn’t want to turn up like her.

Last Year’s Coat

Evie and her family are going through some money problems, Evie is in desperate need for a new coat. Evie has to be more careful with money now including her husband, so she doesn’t join in with her office friends showing off some new clothes they bought on their break, eating sandwiches instead of going out. But good things happen to good people.

Thirteen Day with John C

Reading this one it was actually sad.

Miranda is going for a run when she comes across a phone ringing. Picking it up she finds texts from John C. Miranda starts texting back and things starts to change with her marriage and appearance.

Then the last two short stories are set at Christmas time the first one being Margot. Margot is about a women waiting at the airport where she makes friends with an elderly women.

The Christmas List is about a women running around the shops trying to find presents for her mother in law but she doesn’t even like Christmas, with her husband arguing because she bought the wrong pudding. So she just gives up.

Thank you for reading, feel free to leave a comment down below.


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