Bullet Journal

Bookish Bullet Journal


Hello today I am going to go through my bookish bullet journal how ever i am not sure this counts as a bullet journal but it is what I’m calling it. I am keeping track of all the books i read this year on Goodreads but i do like to write everything down on paper.


On the first page I write down that name of the book and how many stars i gave it so i can quickly see what books i have read in the month.


You could say this is my yearly tbr so I have already have all the books i want to read wrote down then i color in the book i have read. I have seen this all over Pinterest and thought it was a more fun way to track down the books i have read.


Then I have all my goals down i want to complete by the end of the year i already have a post going through each one you can check it out here .


I have a reading statics page I saw something similar on Instagram or Pinterest and i thought it was a really good idea.


Finally I have this challenge from Popsugar which i thought would be a good thing if i am struggling with what to read next.

There you have it this is how I am keeping track of my reading this year.

Thank you for reading feel free to leave a comment down below.


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