Rainbow Blog Challenge: Day 3 Because i’m happy

I have decided to take part in the Rainbow Book Challenge hosted by Le Book Chronicles, Elle. Biblio, Rach With Books, The Reader Dragon, Legenbooksdairy and My Life In Books.

Hello everybody it is day three of the Rainbow Blog Challenge so I decided to talk about what makes a good book cover.

As a book lover I love a good book cover i’ll sometimes buy a book just because of the cover. I really enjoyed going through my books and picking out some of my favorite covers.

I like when book covers resembles the story like the Talon series the cover are AMAZING with the scale affect also in the O’s there is a dragon symbol in it which I really enjoy that little touch. All Rainbow Rowell book cover are beautiful they a simple and bright which look amazing on my book shelf but Landline is my favorite the colors go well and the calligraphy brings it all together. Night Owl was a complete cover buy the gold and the blue together also there is a map underneath the title which i really like.

Thank you for reading, feel free to leave a comment down below.


2 thoughts on “Rainbow Blog Challenge: Day 3 Because i’m happy

  1. Hey 🙂 I completely agree, particularly with Rainbow Rowell’s books – they look so nice on the shelf! I too am guilty of buying books because of the covers XD


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