Rainbow Book Challenge: Day 1 Seeing Red, Day 2 Time Is Precious


I have decided to take part in the Rainbow Book Challenge hosted by Le Book Chronicles, Elle. Biblio, Rach With Books, The Reader Dragon, Legenbooksdairy and My Life In Books.

Hello everybody, i have decided to put day 1 and 2 posts together because i am struggling to think of things that make me angry about the book community. The one thing that that annoys me is SPOILERS i have to avoid them everywhere i go either reading other people blog post or on instagram. I love the cook community everybody is so kind and supportive.

Day 2 Slow vs Fast paced books

I think it all depends on the genre and the size of the book when it comes to the pace as if it is a romance i don’t really want it to be fast i want it to be slow but not to slow so you get bored with the story, i prefer to read a romance if it is slow as falling in love with someone takes time.

Fantasy is the genre i read i have read some that are fast and some that are slow it all depends what is going on, i feel like The Mortal Instruments series is slow i have only read 4 and they take time to get into they aren’t the sort of books where you can read a few chapters at a time. Books like Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo and The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson have very different pacing Six of Crows is slow but that doesn’t matter once you get into the story by the end you won’t want it to end. The Final Empire is really fast considering it of over 600 pages long many things happen in the first couple of chapters then you are hooked.

I do prefer fast paced books as i get bored easily if i am struggling to get into the book then i will just put it down and start another one.

Thank you for reading this post, feel free to leave a comment down below.


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