Bullet Journal

Bullet Journal October Set Up


I have finally started my bullet journal which I am super excited about, i thought i would show you the pages and what i use. I have got all my inspiration from Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube. My hope with starting a bullet journal is that i can keep track on what is going on in my life, so far it is working.



30 cm ruler

STAEDTLER pigment liner 1.0

Paper Mate Inkjoy 1.0 M

Paper Mate Non-Stop HB

STAEDTLER 0.4 pens

These are the first couple of pages it has got the month I started then when i finish I’ll put the month next to it, i also found a quote from Pinterest to fill in a blank page but i really like it. Then i put a key in the first page which i also got from Pinterest.

On the page I have got my TBR, goals i want to complete this month, favorites and my tracker. I have started to use my tracker a lot more know which has been really helpful, then i have on the second page my monthly review which i also found from Pinterest i am looking forward for writing in this as i think it will be a good way to wrap up the month. Then we start with my dailys i have got into a routine of every night i will spend 10 minutes ticking of the things i have done and writing down what needs to done for the next day.


These are the rest of the pages for this month I’ll add more color to them once I get to that week, i am really liking adding quotes to each page.

On these pages I have got a memory page which i thought would be a good idea to doodle and write about my favorites parts a little like the review page, i have the Instagram challenge wrote down which i am taking part in so i can tick the days i have done. Then i have my blog schedule (i am using this it is just a blank page as i don’t want to show you what is coming up) i can tick the boxed for when i have taken photos, planned the post and then when i post it which is helping me keeping track of what i have done.

These are the final pages of this month until I start November, i have a blog post ideas pages so i can write down all the ideas i have and it is in one spot, i have a Instagram tracker page so when i hit milestones i can write it down. On the last page i have my tv series tracker i love using it.

Thank you for reading this rather long post, feel free to leave a comment down below.


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