You know your a bookworm when…


Hello everybody how are you all, today I thought I would make a list of when you know you’re a book-worm.

The first one being when you read in any spare time you have, this usually happens when I’m waiting for a tv program to start.

As I am the only who reads out of my friendship group I’ll drag them to every book shop there is which is usually Waterstones and WHsmith.

When ever i go food shopping i have to take a look down the book ile i just can not go, even if i don’t buy anything I’ll still have a look.

For me when ever I have lots of course work to do I’ll say to myself get this done then i can do a couple of hours of reading. This helps be being productive especially if i am reading a really good book.

When you would much rather read then go out, I know for me i would choose staying in and reading.

All my money goes on books i will go out to get some new clothes and i will come back with a bag full of books i can’t resist.

Thank you for reading this small post, comment down below what makes you a bookworm?




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